The team from XDubai and Dubai Film as well as over 100 volunteers went to Umm Suqeim and cleaned over 60kg of rubbish and waste found on the sand and in the water. This event marked the World Clean-up Day and raised awareness and action on the impact of littering.

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The World Clean Up Day is on its 10th year and Dubai participated in joining millions of volunteers in over 150 countries to educate the community on plastic waste and the importance of keeping our beaches clean. XDubai is famous for their action sports and amazing adrenaline-fueled activities-so for them to organize this clean up is a great initiative showing care for the environment.

Over 100 Volunteers Join World Clean Up Day at Umm Suqeim Beach

Action sport brand XDubai joined forces with sister company Dubai Film this morning-15 September-to be among the first in the UAE to welcome and commemorate World Clean Up Day through a large scale clean-up of Umm Suqeim Open Beach.

Joined by a legion of over 100 volunteers including school children-marine conservation organisation Azraq, Dubai 360, Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling-and Dulsco, XDubai and Dubai Film took to Umm Suqeim Open Beach in Dubai at 6am to lead the beach clean-up of litter and plastics-sorting it for eventual recycling by Dubai Municipality. The event also included over 40 divers who-led by dive shop Divers Down, participated in a coastal water clean-up as well as team of snorkelers who managed the in-water clean-up closer to shore.  Thanks to their efforts over 60kg of on- and off-shore rubbish was cleared from the beach and water.

Participants in the Dubai event joined millions of people in over 150 countries worldwide who are participating in activities today to commemorate the tenth annual World Clean Up Day by ridding the planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from beaches-rivers-forests-and streets.

As the beaches of the emirate are regularly cleaned by Dubai Municipality-the event was as much about raising awareness and educating the community – particularly future generations – on the impact of littering and plastic waste-and the importance of keeping the environment and beaches clean-as it was about cleaning the UAE shoreline.

For its part-XDubai saw the day as an opportunity to raise awareness and both support the community as well as a cause that is strongly aligned with its athletes and fans: “We are an action sports brand and today on World Clean Up Day-the key word is action,” said Mohammed Javad Khoramifar-General Manager of XDubai.  “XDubai has both been a supporter of the Dubai community through our venues including the XDubai Skatepark and children’s playscape-XPark Jr-and we have also received tremendous support from the community for our wide variety of ongoing events-activations and activities.  As a local brand and active part of the community-we share the responsibility to do our part to not only raise awareness-but also take action to make the community a better place for all. This was particularly important during the Year of Zayed and we saw this is as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community and help raise awareness and support a cause that is so close to many of our athletes-staff members and fans.”

Natalie Banks-Manager of Azraq said: “Oceans make up 70 per cent of the earth’s surface and 97 per cent of our water. Today may seem like one small gesture but when you think that today’s volunteers are amongst millions taking action globally on World Clean Up Day-it really does show the power of small actions and working together to clean such a vital part of life-the ocean.”

Aed Adwan Managing Director-Breitling Middle East-India and Africa said “Breitling customers are adventurers who value our planet and are keen to play a part in preserving our oceans. With the brand having opened the doors to its new regional headquarters in Dubai-the Breitling Middle East family joins millions of volunteers across the globe on World Cleanup Day to advance our mission of maintaining a healthy ocean.”

Among the other brands also lending their support to this morning’s clean-up efforts were sustainable water filtration company-Liquid of Life who donated over 60 litres of fresh water to keep volunteers hydrated.

Azraq-which means “blue” in Arabic-is leading force in raising awareness in the UAE. As a non-profit marine conservation organisation registered with the Community Development Authority-Azraq’s mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. The organisation specifically focuses on marine conservation awareness programs in the UAE as well as providing opportunities for individuals to assist in the conservation and protection of marine life.

“While Dubai may not have some of the issues that we have seen in other parts of the world-it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our coastal areas and water remain clean from all rubbish-from large scale waste-to plastics to cigarette butts and everything in between,” added Banks.

It’s our hope that the good will and community spirit displayed here today stays with not only our participants but also extends to their wider circles and the community at large-inspiring them to take action. The ocean and our environment-depend on it.”


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