The romantic ideal of fine jewellery is one that’s not lost on us. It might be the sentiment that a diamond is forever-or that true love is rare-or the infinite characteristic of a ring-bracelet or necklace. For Fyne Jewellery-their craft is centered around meaning-sustainability and longevity; all qualities that are also synonymous with the notion of love.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner-it’s the perfect opportunity to gift those we love with something special; something with nuance-meaning-and a certain intangible quality. Because if there ever was a universal love language-jewellery would certainly be it.

Amara Diamond Eternity Ring
Perfect to compliment your wedding band-or as a stand alone piece-the Amara Diamond Eternity Ring is a statement of love and infinity. The diamond ring (made with sustainable lab-grown diamonds) speaks to the courage in us. Designed as a promise ring-the 18k solid gold piece is fully customisable with personal engravings—a diamond vow for that special someone in your life.

Love ‘Hob’ Ear Stud
The Love “Hob” Ear Studis the perfect holiday gift for the brave and the bold—a statement solo piece that doesn’t follow the crowd. The single accessory-designed in Arabic calligraphy-is intricately decorated with lab-grown diamonds along its 18k gold curve. It’s also available in three gold colours so that you can choose the perfect style for your glamorous giftee. Style the Hob Ear Stud with an oversized blazer-boots-a simple white t-shirt-and hair in an updo to draw attention to the luxury diamond accessory.

Love ‘Hob’ Bracelet Cuff
A staple piece in the Origins Calligraphy collection-the Love ‘Hob’ Bracelet Cuff is crafted to draw a connection to our roots and promote mindfulness. The delicate piece is elegant by day or night and at its best when stacked. The cuff bracelet is handmade in 18k solid gold with sustainable lab-grown diamonds.

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