The H Dubai hotel-located in the heart of the Middle East’s most dynamic city-has once again been awarded the coveted Green Key Certification by the Emirates Green Building Council-a leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation. The remarkable win highlights the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and this pledge shines through their increasing efforts to implement continuous and consistent strategies for various eco-friendly undertakings.

The H Dubai-as all of the hotels at STORY Hospitality-embraces an eco-project based on 5 interconnected pillars. These are;Reduce-Reuse, & Recycle, , Reduce Water Consumption-Energy Conservation-Local Care & Fair Trade. These elements are intertwined with the aim of improving the environment and projecting the practices to the rest of the world.

The hotel has also recently invested in a biodigester-an intelligent machine that has thus far ingested 1-830 kgs of food waste in two months-and as a result-reduced 3.9 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Sophie Blondel-General Manager at The H Dubai said, “As a Green Key Certification recipient-we are proud to say that our efforts are being recognised nationally-thereby encouraging us to keep moving in the right direction and fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment. The hospitality industry is credited for its large carbon footprint due to its massive food operations and the resulting challenge of food waste. To tackle the issue-The H Dubai Hotel has installed the Power Knot LFC-100 Biodigester to address the challenge of food waste. It improves in-house food management and disposes organic waste quickly and safely while massively reducing the property’s carbon footprint.”

The biodigester releases decomposed food in the form of wastewater which is environmentally safe and is being used to enrich the property’s landscapes. Additionally-data generated through the biodigester will enable the 5-star property to identify areas that will help reduce overall food wastage and incorporate more efficient and intelligent planning in the kitchens. Over time-the biodigester will also lower the cost of disposing waste food and the investment signals towards The H Dubai Hotel’s long-term commitment to sustainability.

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