Winter is undeniably the best time of the year to pack your luggage and head for Dubai for a fantastic holiday. But wait. Why just Dubai? There are a lot more once you look beyond the boundary of the ‘City of Gold’ and Sharjah is one such gorgeous emirate in the region.

Sharjah-best known as the cultural capital of the UAE-is home to an electric range of breathtaking places. Today we are going to tell you about some of these places but our context is very different than the usual ones – Best Places To Watch Sunrise and Sunset in Sharjah.

Sunset and sunrise hues in Sharjah are pure magic. Winter sky looks even more magical with hundred different shades of yellow-red-orange-purple-pink and blue. Luckily-winter stays for about 4 months in the region and you are left with enough time to behold the changing colours of the sky at dawn or dusk.

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Check out the places in Sharjah where sunset and sunrise look ethereal.

1. Al Lulayyah Beach

7 of The Best Places to Catch Sunrise & Sunset in Sharjah | Al Lulayyah Beach | The Vacation Builder

Just like Dubai-the Emirate of Sharjah sits on the banks of the Persian Gulf and share the same stretch of Persian coastline that Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah do. Naturally-Sharjah also houses a series of beautiful and pristine beaches within its territory.

To catch the glimpses of the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset palette-Al Lulayyah Beach is the most celebrated spot in Sharjah. Stretching out for about 2 kilometres along the sea-this beach is flanked by imposing mountain ranges.

The beach is also popular for its beautiful backdrop which everyone admires a lot. A quick morning dip in the sea will activate the reset mode in you and you will be all set to take on the day with gusto.

Don’t forget to keep your shooting gear ready because Al Lulayyah Beach allows you to click some of the best sunset/sunrise hues in the UAE. Not just the beautifully painted sky but its reflection on the sea also creates a surreal world for you.

2. Fossil Rock

7 of The Best Places to Catch Sunrise & Sunset in Sharjah | Fossil Rock | The Vacation Builder

Looking for a dramatic backdrop to enjoy an even more dramatic sunrise/sunset in Sharjah? We have Fossil Rock for you. This impressive and rugged terrain in Sharjah is admired for its irregular-unusual and unique slopes and elevations.

Fossil Rock is upright scenic. In fact-its hostile and barren landscape even add more to its beauty. It is place of sheer vastness dotted with plenty of geological treasure troves. Watching the sky playing with those awesome sunrise/sunset hues at Fossil Rock is a one-of-a-kind experience.

During your journey along the Sharjah-Kalba highway to reach Fossil Rock-you will be forced to stop your vehicle and take photos of those spectacular mountain ridge coming out of a flat desert. The mind-bending formations at Fossil Rock can make your sunrise/sunset moment much better than you could have thought!

3. Qanat Al Qasba

7 of The Best Places to Catch Sunrise & Sunset in Sharjah | Qanat Al Qasba | The Vacation Builder

Now we will take you to a place where you can enjoy lots of interactive activities-an eye-soothing waterfront-a massive Ferris wheel-a captivating skyline and a dazzling sky palette during sunrise and sunset.

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