Dubai’s residents and visitors can relax and rejuvenate whether they are staycationing locally or travelling globally with new exclusive treatments recently launched at Meliá Desert Palm Spa-in partnership with a top locally-based clinic – Angels of Medical Care. All new therapies at Samāna Spa are designed to restore and nourish the body-providing fast-acting and fantastic results.

The partnership offers a wide selection of treatments ranging from IV infusions to slimming and body contouring treatments-as well as anti-ageing therapies. IV drip is the quickest-most efficient method to eliminate toxins and enrich the bloodstream with vitamins and antioxidants. With bespoke IV treatments-such as fat-burning drip-anti-ageing-substance detox and peak brain protocols-guests can control cravings-hydrate their bodies with a unique formulation of vitamins and boost their metabolism. At the same time-all beauty and slimming treatments use non-invasive and cutting-edge technologies-including ultrasound or radiofrequency body contouring-laser lipolysis slimming and flat tummy treatment.

A short journey away from the city-Meliá Desert Palm-member of Meliá collection-is a sanctuary of wellness and serenity hidden in the desert and surrounded by the greenery of polo fields and horse stables.; Samāna Spa provides the perfect escape to unwind and recuperate-embodying the true meaning of its name-derived from Sanskrit; Samāna means calming or soothing.

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