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Genting Highlands Cable Car Ride Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 


Genting Highlands Kuala Lumpur Malaysia;One of the places that you must visit when visiting Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia is definitely Genting Highlands! This place is around a 45 to 1hour bus drive from KL Sentral to Awana Sky Gondola or Cable Car Ride. Yes! Cable car ride! On the way to the top. The view is sooooo amazing! I’m telling you! Even if you’ve ride so many cable rides before hehe

Now I’ve been Genting highlands few times before and there’s 1 unfortunate event-where I have my whole family fly from The Philippines and we went up here just to find out that the cable car is not working haha so take note about the weather and check the day before so you wont get disappointed going there-very excited to ride the cable car and turns out it is not working haha the next thing will happen is… the bus will drive you straight the Genting Resorts World or Chinswee Temple or you can basically drive your own car up there. Weather in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia can be very tricky! Rainy-Sunny-Drizzling-thunder and lightning! It’s beautiful and relaxing in a way. Living in Dubai for 7 years-we are definitely not complaining. But this is a reminder for you to always check the weather and bring an umbrella which I always forget when going out even though I know very well it is raining or drizzling haha.

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GOING THERE;You can either book online for the bus (there are some websites to choose from) and cable car ride to skip the long queue for busy days and you’ll never know when it is. In my YOUTUBE VIDEO above I’ve added the information that the bus in KL Sentral going to Genting Highlands leaves every 30 minutes whether the bus is full or people or not. Bus Price is 10RM and you can buy it there if you’re not sure of the time you want to go there which is what we did. Bus ride is around 45-1 hour and a very fast ride and zigzag road going up there! Almost like a roller coaster so if you get car sick or feel bad during car rides-I suggest for you to bring extra plastic to take it all out haha or swallow-have some car sickness medicine before your journey.

THINGS TO DO IN GENTING HIGHLANDS RESORT;Genting highlands is a good place to Visit if you’re coming to Malaysia or a nice place to relax and be with nature once in a while of you’re already living here, CLICK ME to check out all the things you can do in Genting Highlands. I would suggest Mitsui Premium Outlet if you love shopping! Save money while shopping with your family and friends. Also lots of food choices to enjoy there. Another one is the Chinswee Temple with a gorgeous view of the mountains. CLICK ME to watch my full Youtube Vlog about it. Of course! Genting Resorts World is an amazing place to enjoy your whole day. You can even stay at the hotel if you prefer to spend the weekend. An Indoor or Outdoor Theme park and Casino is there too! So many things to do for everyone. If you get hungry I suggest the Korean BBQ that serves Pork too!

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