Dubai is one of the most lucrative expat destinations in the Middle East. For the last three decades-the city has grown more than you can imagine in every sector. To support this growth-the city has also opened a golden pathway for foreign nationals to grab a dream job!

In order to secure a job in Dubai (or anywhere in the UAE) and earn a tax-free living-all expatriates must be in possession of a valid work permit and work visa. In this post-we are going to share all the essential details on how to get your Dubai work permit-aka work visa!

We have also included here the most common queries that arise while someone is looking for information about Dubai’s work permit and work visa process. We hope you will get the answers to all your relevant questions once you are done with this article.

What is a Dubai Work Permit?

Work permits in Dubai are issued by the UAE Ministry of Labours to any establishment which is wishing to employ a worker from inside or outside of the country.

One of the most striking key things to keep in mind about working in Dubai or UAE is that a work permit is applied and provided by the employer. An employee can’t apply for such a permit or visa on their own.

Document Requirements for a New Work Permit

Dubai Work Permit and Work Visa;Process-Requirements and Everything Else | Document Requirement for New Work Permit | The Vacation Builder

Before your employer applies for your work permit-they need to procure the following documents before initiating the application process:

  • The original e-signature card
  • A copy of the employee’s passport
  • A colour photograph of the employee with a white background
  • A letter of approval issued by the competent authority shall be attached if required
  • If there is a particular academic qualification requirement like post-secondary diploma-university degree or equivalent-a copy thereof should be authenticated by the UAE ministry of Foreign Affairs and attached
  • The ID card is required for the following nationalities (Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran), to ensure that the identity is valid and that all data is clear and photocopied from both sides.
  • No objection letter according to the type of work permit related to the type of work.

What Is the Process for Applying for a Work Permit Visa in Dubai?

Dubai Work Permit and Work Visa;Process-Requirements and Everything Else | Process for Applying for a Work Permit Visa | The Vacation Builder

As we have already stated-not the employee but the employer who needs to apply for a work permit visa in Dubai.

If you are looking for pursuing a career in Dubai or UAE-you have to first find a job. You can seek jobs through various job portals and websites. 

Once you find a perfect job opportunity-you have to move to the second phase of Dubai’s work permit visa application.

The employer you are going to work for in Dubai will apply for a work permit to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). If the conditions are met-the application for a work permit will be approved by the relevant authorities. Upon completion of payment-a new work permit will be issued attached with a job offer.

The work permit is then converted into a valid residency visa. The work permit along with a residency visa allows a foreign employee to enter the UAE and work in the country.

The permit comes with a limited validity of two months. During this two-month frame-the employer has to make arrangement for other formalities including medical testing-labour card-Emirates ID and residency visa.

The residency visa is a piece of strong evidence of the fact that you are sponsored by the organization you are hired for and it has also paid for your work permit-Emirates ID and medical tests.

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