Dubai has a history rich in culture and learning. Many libraries throughout Dubai are as attractive as they are fascinating- offering beautiful spaces to explore.

Dubai Top 5 Coolest and Most Fascinating Libraries

1. Al Safa Art & Design Library

Located in Al Wasl Square- Al Safa Library is a precious gem in Dubai. It houses some of the oldest titles in the world- along with rare volumes and antiques. The library is much more extensive than what first meets the eye- exposing thousands of books and resources.

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Overall, reviewers seem to enjoy the Art & Design library for its modern design, quiet atmosphere, and helpful staff. However, some reviewers note that the library can be a bit crowded and that there are not always enough seats available.

2. Emirates Airline Aviation Library

These excellent library hosts many resources about the history- technical achievement- and mechanics of various aircraft and their manufacturers. Alongside thousands of aviation books- the library also offers detailed information about various airlines and their fleets.

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3. Al Ras Library

This library looks the same as back in 1971. It is the oldest library in Dubai and is home to different books, resources, and even music collections.

The reviewers generally think that the library is a good place to study, with good facilities and a calm atmosphere. However, they would like to see a greater variety of books, and for the library to be open more often.

4. Library of Dubai

This library is the latest addition to the world of learning in Dubai. It holds a wide range of books- magazines- movies- videos- and other learning materials. It is also home to the most extensive digital library in the Middle East, with thousands of digital books and resources.

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The library is a peaceful place with free parking and wifi, comfortable seating, and good charging points. The book collection is good, and there is a designated area for ladies. The pantry is a nice touch, and the telephone room is useful for making urgent calls.Overall, the reviewer is very happy with the library and gives it a 5 out of 5 rating.


Mohammed bin Rashid Library

Five years in the making, it opened to the public on Thursday, June 16.
Costing a whopping Dhs 1 billion to build, this is one impressive building. Built-in the shape of an open book sitting on top of a traditional wooden bookrest, its architecture is like no other in the city.
The library is spread over 54,000 sq m and can host 1,000 visitors anytime. That’s a lot of bookworms in one place.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is a large, new library in Dubai that features a variety of amenities for visitors, including a conference center, exhibition spaces, a children’s library, and a business library. The library is well-designed and well-maintained, with a spacious interior and plenty of natural light. The book collection is impressive, and the library also has a unique exhibit on the history of Dubai and the UAE.

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Where is Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Mohammed bin Rashid Library is in Al Jaddaf on Dubai Creek.The nearest metro stop is Al Jaddaf Metro station, 2.5 km away.

Is it free to enter Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Yes! There is no fee to enter the community hub that will welcome visitors from Thursday June 16.

Can I borrow books from Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Not at the moment, but there are plans for people to be able to borrow books in the future.

How many libraries are there inside Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library comprises nine libraries and The Information Centre. The different libraries, spread over three floors, are divided into the following sections;

  • Business
  • Children
  • General use
  • Information
  • Maps and atlas
  • Media and arts
  • Periodicals
  • Special collections
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Young adults

How many books are there at Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Visitors can access more than 1.1 million printed and digital books in Arabic and foreign languages at the reading spot. There are also 36000 print and digital newspapers worldwide, nearly 600 rare collectables, seven million dissertations, around 74000 music scores, 77000 videos, approximately 15000 articles, and more than 8000 historical print and digital journals.

What else is at Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Alongside the nine libraries, there is an amphitheatre, The Languages Garden and a café that will be spread over two floors. There are plans for the open-air space to be used in the cooler months for intimate cultural, spoken word and music performances.

What is The Languages Garden at Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Stroll around and look at the 65 pillars featuring quotes from HH Sheikh Mohammed, dotted around the outdoor area which can be read in English and Arabic.

Are there robots at Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

Mohammed bin Rashid Library uses the latest artificial intelligence and library technologies. This includes an automated warehouse, an electronic retrieval system, self-service booths, a book digitisation lab and smart robots to answer visitors’ inquiries. There are also other advanced technologies such augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) being used inside.

Does Mohammed bin Rashid Library cater to people of determination?

The Library empowers the visually impaired with a Braille service. There is also a dedicated area providing a comforting and quiet space for people of determination and autistic individuals.

Are there any exhibitions at Mohammed bin Rashid Library?

The Treasures of The Library exhibition can be found at the Mohammed bin Rashid Library. It displays a collection of rare and old books, atlases, manuscripts, and documents, some of them dating back to the 13th century.