Starting a new life in a new country is never an easy choice to make. With tons of questions fogging your mind-it’s really a tough call to take. But if your mind is swindling between Dubai and the USA (we call it America with much fondness), we can help you out deciding with help of this typical faceoff. Dubai vs America – which one is better for expats!

Both Dubai and America are the places accommodating a very large and vibrant expat community. This certainly confirms that both countries offer some of the most lucrative opportunities to settle for a better life!

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Our findings are coming out of a comparative analysis based on location-topography-weather-cost of living-salaries-career opportunities-population density-things to do and see-education-crime rate and transport facility.

We found Dubai better for expats to settle down but of course-there are many factors beyond the ones we considered in this article. And it is obvious that your personal preferences and life goals may be different than ours. So-the final call is on you!


We are starting this head-to-head analysis between Dubai and The USA with their locations. Dubai-one of the most sought-after expat destinations in the Middle East, tucked on the eastern coast of the Persian Gulf. America or the USA-on the other hand-is a massive country stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

Dubai sits pretty close to most parts of Europe-Asia and Africa. Whereas America is only close to Canada-Mexico and the northern part of South America. Every other place on the earth sits far away from The USA.

Travelling from Dubai is actually much shorter if your destination is anywhere in Europe-Asia or Africa. On the contrary, America can offer only a short flight time if you are going to Canada or Mexico. The rest of the world is quite away from it!

And if your destination is somewhere in Australia or New Zealand-both these countries will slap you with lengthy flight journeys!

Winner: Dubai


Before we jump to compare the weather reports from Dubai and America-let’s take a short look at their topographies.

When it comes to topography-America probably has every variety that one can imagine. This country is blessed with a wide range of landscapes ranging from snowy mountains to barren deserts-from beautiful coastlines to stunning canyons-and from fertile lands to gorgeous national parks.

Dubai’s topography is certainly not as enchanting as America’s. This emirate features more or less flat landscape with very little element of twist. Dubai had been grown out of nowhere in the middle of a desert. There is a few oasis and lakes along with a short but impressive coastline.

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