BY FAR the cult brand of our generation presents the Year of the Rabbit exclusive capsule and a limited edition “Space Adventure” NFT collection dedicated to the Lunar New Year and inspired by the growing panache and enthusiasm for astronautics in China.

Recently Chinese kids were surveyed and the most popular job for their futures was cited as a becoming an astronaut or getting into the field of astrophysics. The same study in the USA show ‘YouTuber’ or ‘influencer’ to be among the top jobs for the next gen.

Think your favourite BY FAR pieces with a limited element signifying the Chinese Year of the Rabbit – from the Matilda baguette bag to the Ada high heels and Shana slippers-the Bulgarian brand’s staple styles are given a traditional uplift in the unmistakable Chinese New Year colour palette of red and cream.


BY FAR created an NFT collection featuring the following pieces;Aerospace Bunny-Four-leaf clover-Aerospace helmet,  Space Carrot and BY FAR logo.


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