Those who are visiting Russia for the first time-Sochi is best known as the nation’s largest resort city-and is one of the few places in the region with a subtropical climate-with warm to hot summers and mild winters.

It is for this reason that guests – approximately two million every year-including the nation’s elite-visit Greater Sochi for its beautiful amenities and mild climate for outdoor activities.

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And when outdoor activities is the topic-locals and international guests know that the Sochi SkyPark is a place not to be missed! In this post-we will share five of the best heart-racing activities to try out in Sochi Sky Park-where you get to fly between the peaks of Sochi Mountains to get the best view of what Russian landscape has to offer.

extreme adventures in sochi sky park russia

Adrenaline-Pumping Activities in Sochi Sky Park-Russia

Russia is a massive country with a rich history and a dynamic set of traditions. However-not much is known about its scenic spots-let alone leisure places.
But if we are going to take a closer look at what Russia is all about-we’ll learn that there are so many things the country has to offer-especially in terms of nature activities and adventure sport.

For starters-there’s the Sochi Sky Park located within the Sochi National Park-which is a wide expanse of deciduous forests and high altitude mountain ranges. What can you expect from this sky park-above are some of the extreme activities you can do:

1. The Skybridge

Though it may seem to be the “least daring” activity on the list-the Skybridge is not to be mistaken as a kid’s activity because unlike any hanging bridge-this one spans 439 meters in length-and sits about 207 meters above the ground. Make sure that your knees won’t buckle as you walk this long suspended path because the panoramic scenes that will greet you on your way are unlike any other in the world.

Sochi Skypark Skybridge
Sochi Skypark Skybridge

2. Zip Lines

When you reach and check out the area-you will notice an assortment of zip line network set high above you-and the thrill of people zooming through these cable lines is sure to make even the most adrenaline-avert individual want to experience what it’s like to be up high and moving as fast as the wind while taking in all the beautiful scenery in the area from a bird’s eye view.

Zip Line Sochi Skypark
Zip Line Sochi Skypark

3. Bungee Jumping

Now we get to the thrilling part-midway through the list and we have the Bungee Jumping activity. Did you know that the Sochi Sky Park offers two bungee jumping platforms? The first one has a height of 69 meters (226 feet), but if you think that’s still a small jump-you can take it to the next level to the 207-meter Bungee Jump – but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

The speed of falling down at those heights is practically the same when you go sky-diving! But of course-this activity is supervised and is complete with safety gear and harnesses to ensure that you only get the best adventure of your life!

Bungee Jumping Russia Sochi
Bungee Jumping Russia Sochi

4. Sochi Swing

As kids-we all enjoyed the high after being lifted up by a playmate on a see-saw or after being pushed on a swing. But now as adults-we don’t get to do those anymore at the park or the playground-but the folks at AJ Hackett-which is responsible for creating the world’s highest swing-has recreated this experience through the Sochi Swing for guests of all ages at the Sochi Sky Park.

The adult version of the playground swing we used to enjoy now boasts of a height of 170 meters. Imagine how far you’d swing at that height-and the kind of views you’d see from above in just a matter of a few seconds!

Sochi Swing Sochi Russia
Sochi Swing – Sochi Skypark

5. Mega Troll

For the last bit of the list-the folks at Sochi Sky Park is keeping no holds barred with the behemoth of all its adventure rides – the Mega Troll. If the name itself is any indication of what’s to come-then we can safely say that this ride is like a zip-line… on steroids.

The Mega Troll combines height with speed and distance to create an out-of-this-world experience. But if you’re not a fan of science and physics-then picture this;you will zip along the 700-meter cable network from one end of the mountain to the other at speeds of up to 150 kmph while taking in all the sights and feeling the adrenaline as you go.

Sochi Sky park Russia
Mega Troll Sochi Skypark

Sochi is one of Russia’s more popular places to visit mainly due to its fair climate and year-round activities including those at the Sochi Sky Park. So if you’re itching for a one-of-a-kind adventure in Russia-be sure to check this place out!


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