When you are looking for a holiday destination offering best-in-class facilities along with an unforgettable hotel stay-Dubai should be at the top of your list. The hospitality sector in Dubai has earned so much so that it is impossible to get such varieties anywhere else in the world in terms of picking a hotel.

If you cherish the views from your hotel room as much as you enjoy your stay-you have found the right place. Looking for some breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah? Then look no further than our list of 15 hotels with the best views of The Palm.

1. Atlantis The Palm

15 Best Hotels in Dubai with Palm Views | Atlantis The Palm | The Vacation Builder

There couldn’t be anything better than Atlantis The Palm when you are hunting for a hotel with the best view of Palm Jumeirah island. Sitting at the top of the outer crest of this man-made marvel-Atlantis looks like a dreamy palace coming straight out of the Arabian Nights book!

This luxury beach resort is unique and its architecture is even more unique because of all those typical Arabic elements. Atlantis offers clear views of the expansive Arabian Gulf in the front and if you look from the back-side you will be astonished by the precious view of Palm Jumeirah.

All the rooms in Atlantis The Palm flaunt interior décor inspired by Arabian heritage and the ocean. Rooms come with a balcony so that guests can behold the panoramic view day in and out. In fact-a few rooms include a very large terrace space with outstanding views of the island as well as the fascinating views of Dubai’s skyline on the shore.

The property encompasses a range of boutiques and retail shops dealing in some of the world’s finest high-end brands. If you still wish for more-you can ask the hotel to arrange for a vehicle to take you to Dubai Mall which is about a 30-minutes ride from Atlantis.


Crescent Road-The Palm Jumeirah-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

2. Address Beach Resort

15 Best Hotels in Dubai with Palm Views | Address Beach Resort | The Vacation Builder

When it’s about having the best views of Dubai’s skyscrapers-the Persian Gulf and the glistening beach-we have nothing better than the Address Beach Resort to recommend. This place is loaded with everything that a discerning traveller seeks. From mind-blowing views to unbeatable facilities-Address Beach Resort has got the best for you!

Opened in August 2020-Address has kept its guests bewildered with its romantic set-up-nice style and great views. Located just about 300 metres from Marina Beach this hotel is housed in an award-winning building which has two 77-story towers connected by a suspended sky bridge. 

Need more? They have more for you. Address Beach Hotel is the proud owner of the highest rooftop infinity pool in the world which is positioned at a staggering height of 294 meters above sea level. So-incredible views of Dubai Eye-Bluewaters Island-Jumeirah Beach Residence-Palm Jumeirah and the iconic Dubai Marina comes easy to you.

The Walk at JBR is less than 1 kilometre from the hotel and if you have to access Dubai International Airport-then a 20-kilometre car drive is enough to reach.

Address Hotels maintains a pool of world-class hotels and resorts across Dubai. We did a comparative analysis of all of them and found Address Beach Resort to be the best of all of these Hotels. To know how we reached that conclusion-you can go through the post here.

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